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Avenida Domingo Diaz: Lot

1.68 hectares land for sale at Avenida Domingo Díaz near Plaza Conquistador suited for residential and commercial d ...
$ 10,085,400

Bella Vista: Lot

Land for sale in Calle 49 Bella Vista ideal for development Option A: 2,000 m2 (three lots) Price: $4,400,000 ($2,2 ...
$ 9,900,000

Contadora: Hotel Punta Galeon

The Punta Galeon property is located at Contadora Island (the jewel of the Pearl Islands Archipelago).  There is no ...
$ 8,750,000

Chame: Estate

Cattle estate for sale at Chame Area: 60 hectares y 3,186 m2 Price: $7,500,000 ($12.4 per m2)
$ 7,500,000

La Chorrera: Estate (Las Yayas)

Estate for sale at La Chorrera (Las Yayas) ideal for residential development (RE Zoning) Area: 76 hectares and 6,84 ...
$ 7,000,000

Costa Sur: Lot

Lot for sale of 16,250.08 at Costa Sur Located in South Coast, one of the most growing places of the City. Adjacent ...
$ 7,000,000

Contadora: Hacienda La Perla (Villa)

58 699 m2
The island of Contadora is the gem of the Las Perlas Archipelago which is located in the Gulf of Panama. This villa ...
$ 6,900,000

Pedasi: Luxury Villa (Los Destiladeros)

78 2,956 m2
Pedasi is a beautiful village near the Pacific Ocean located at the Province of Los Santos (207.2 miles from Panama ...
$ 5,100,000